Value contribution Areas

The organization is a living and complex system. Multiple elements interact with each other in a dynamic way. Our focus on delivering value balances upon specific fulcrums of expertise that effectively leverage organizational development, change and transformation

Strateology ®

Deep understanding of contextual, strategic, and competitive decision-making processes. Distill conceptual approaches into executable plans to win the battle of the marketplace.

Strategic design, execution and succesful business models. PDF

Winning the market battlefield with superior business models. PDF





These days, markets change at the speed of light. Business models, technology, and new products and services make organizations seemingly obsolete overnight. Anticipate where your organization needs to inject incremental, semi-radical and disruptive innovation.

Innovation, disruption and vertigo change in markets. PDF


Clienting ®

Improve your “customer capital.” Master the knowledge of your customers, your value proposition, and your market positioning to activate your sales teams and gear them for outstanding organic growth and client loyalty.

Clienting. Do you deserve you clients. Earning your customer´s hearts and minds. PDF

To the heart of value. Client centricity and value selling strategies. PDF

Integrated and complex solution selling. PDF




The enhancement of management skills to create a positive impact on the leader—developing more effective relationships and cohesion to forge a healthy culture.

Inspiring leaderships. Creating leaders capable of transforming their teams. PDF

To the heart of inspired and integrated teams. PDF

Talent always triumphs. PDF


Transformation and Organizational Development

Re-think your business model and re-energize your organization to create positive change in the way you compete and in the way you operate to improve organizational performance with a deliberate focus on corporate culture as a lever for transformation.

Change ahoy! Transforming the organization inside and outside. PDF

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Organizations are living entities. Change is not an option or decision in your management agenda. Change happens anyway. What you can choose to influence is to transform the change into progress and growth for your organization—converting the possibility of external change to be nose wind into tail wind.

“Evolve-form” or “trans-form” the process of adapting to environmental changes faster than your competition and conquer the head and heart of the market place. It is the combination of methodologies and processes together with a specific approach to culture and leadership—a rare integration of science and art.

The nine steps found in “TO THE HEART OF CHANGE”, executing winning strategies through healthy cultures” presents a methodological approach at the helm of change while engaging your executive teams in transformation.

Transformation is a process—an endless process that can become a virtuous or a vicious circle. There are no specific answers but a series of questions that, together with conceptual frameworks, management tools, leadership models, team-facilitated discussions, and hands-on academic and managerial experience, will give you the right cocktail to successfully stand out in your market. Download PDF

*In case we are talking about a family business (TO THE HEART OF FAMILY BUSINESS), there are certain assumptions that we must consider in order to succeed. Download PDF

To the heart of change

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